Survey results

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Local authority survey

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LA survey resultsObjectives

  • gather a national picture of taxi licensing processes
  • help gather statistics on service delivery nationally
  • find out if there is an appetite for end to end digital application processes
  • understand how users currently engage with authorities
  • help understand how local authorities may be able to build better taxi licensing services in the future
  • broaden our awareness, gain insights and open engagement with authorities facing similar issues

How licences are processed

Survey results confirmed our assumptions. Most authorities operate paper-based application processes, with 68% of 98 authorities surveyed, only using paper-based processes. Only 8% of authorities surveyed offer digital application processes. A mix of paper-based and digital is offered by 22%. On average a new driver application takes 6 weeks and local authorities have on average 4.3 licensing staff delivering their taxi license service.

Contact channels

We wanted to find out how applicants currently contact their council to apply for a taxi licence. This allows us to consider the effects of any channel shift in the future. Currently, applicants 'prefer' contacting authorities in person or by telephone. Only approximately 10% currently contact their council through a digital channel.

Digital appetite

55.24% of the 98 authorities who completed our survey would adopt a full digital service.

However, we believe this number could be higher. Comments from this question suggested that those who selected 'no' did so because they believed some aspects of the service could never be 100% digital. 

31 authorities showed interest in being kept up to date with findings from the project.


Taxi user survey

An initial purpose statement, agreed by the three local authorities, focused on the safety of the taxi user. Therefore, it was important for us to collect information from taxi users to understand what safety means to them and how the licensing process affects them, even though they aren't directly involved in the process.

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Taxi user resultsObjectives

  • help understand how taxi services are used
  • help understand what safety means to taxi users
  • help understand how we might build a better taxi licensing service in the future
  • broaden our awareness and open engagement with the public

Of 526 users, 252 people rarely use taxis, 171 use taxis at least once a month, 95 use taxis weekly and 8 use taxis everyday.

Of 492 respondents, 81% prefer booking a taxi through an operator via the telephone or a taxi company app.  

37% of 496 people travel alone in a taxi.

39% of people surveyed expect taxi drivers to know facts about tourism in the area.

11% had reported a taxi driver.

83% of people normally travel in the evening,


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