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Recommendation:  A focused discovery on new taxi driver applications

The first discovery focused on understanding the wider services and opportunities, and the potential for standardisation across councils. Using these insights, we recommend a follow-on discovery to provide specific direction on understanding whether a digital process could be implemented for new taxi driver applications - this would then guide an alpha project to prototype different options. 

During the service scoping workshop, stakeholders found more opportunities (and more benefits) to improve the new taxi driver application process compared to vehicle licensing. 

Resolving many aspects of the new driver application process will improve related services such as renewals. It will pave the way for improvements to vehicle and operator licences.

Recommended approach

In the meantime

  • upskill content design and strategy
  • joint content review and re-write content
  • learn from each other, using journey maps
  • showcase learnings internally and nationally
  • local improvements to internal process (for example, safeguarding at Gateshead)


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